Destinies Entwined


Along with my Matched by Magic series, I will be re-releasing my Destinies Entwined series, through self-publishing. Once all four of the original books are out, I will be starting a spin-off series which will continue the battle against the demons who are starting to break into our world. 

Magic of Three

Book One in the Destinies Entwined series - Re-release date 9/25/18

Julian is the Visionary, with the power to see through time and control the ritual to stop hell from breaking loose. Now Las Vegas faces a new portal opening and Julian has only his lover Tim at his side.


Tim is the Empath. His ability to project positive emotions can seal the portal and hold the gates to hell closed. But no matter how strong their love and powers are, Julian and Tim cannot save the world alone.


Lisa is the Catalyst. Even though she loves the simple life she’s made for herself she feels drawn to the bisexual couple she just met and their offer of a threesome. But their stories of prophecies, reincarnation and sex magic have no place in her reality.


Visionary, Empath and Catalyst—three people stand between the mortal world and a gateway to hell. Now Julian and Tim must convince Lisa to believe in their love for her before the demon horde descends on Sin City.


Power of Three

Book Two in the Destinies Entwined series- Re-release date 10/30/18

Janice loves Eric and she’s finally ready to give up being single and risk a commitment. But sexy Japanese businessman Ryuu has other plans.


Eric knows Janice is the one for him. Then Ryuu steps in with a seductive offer, something that appeals to one of Eric’s deepest fantasies—forming a ménage. Eric is tempted but fears Janice couldn’t possibly accept his desire for other men.


Visionary Ryuu’s job is to protect San Francisco from demonic invasion using the power of his Three. Finally, he’s found the other two. But they remember nothing of their past lives, not even their love for him.


A Three divided is powerless. Without their combined love, San Francisco is doomed.


Logan's Empath

Book Three in the Destinies Entwined series- Re-release date 11/27/18

In a past life, Logan, a battle-hardened mage, created the Three, a trio of lovers capable of performing a sexual ritual to keep demons from breaking into the mortal world. His Three have been protecting the world in every incarnation since. But in this incarnation it’s taken years for Logan to find his Empath—and she’s already knee-deep in trouble.


Years ago Bree’s parents were slaughtered by demons. Since then, Bree’s concentrated on survival and revenge. When a sexy, sword-wielding warrior storms into her town, she isn’t sure how to react. A life spent wading through demon goo doesn’t lend itself to romance, no matter how compelling the man.


Now, the ruler of the demon horde is targeting Bree. If Logan doesn’t win the trust and love of his emotionally scarred Empath, he’ll lose her—and possibly the rest of the world as well.

Seducing Their Third

Book Four in the Destinies Entwined series - 12/18/18


Brayden’s life is a living hell. He watched a smoke demon possess a co-worker but no one believed him. As a result, he’s been committed in St. Adrian’s Mental Institution. Trapped in the asylum, he’s seen patients, doctors, and orderlies become possessed. Now a bleak future filled with pain and mental torment stretches out before him.


Logan was the first Visionary. In a past life, he created the first Three, a trio of lovers capable of performing the ritual that would close tears in reality and keep demons from breaking into the mortal world. In this life, he’s found his Empath, Bree, but their Catalyst is still lost. Sporadic visions hint at something terribly wrong, leading them to search New Orleans for their missing lover.


They pray that they can save their Third before he surrenders to the darkness around him.