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Tales from The Keep


Welcome to my first completely self-published series, Tales from the Keep. Set in my Matched by Magic universe, you'll see some familiar faces, especially in the beginning. But this will grow as more characters find love in The Keep. I hope you'll enjoy your visits here as much as I will.

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Feast for the Incubus

Matched by Magic Book 1 - Available Now for Pre-Order. Release set for November

Doubts reign over Ian’s life – doubts about his worth, doubts about his decisions, and doubts about why anyone would want to be with him. But Ian has no doubt that he needs to change. When yet another boyfriend dumps him, Ian vows to find what he’s missing. He will do whatever it takes to fix his sex life, even visit a strange club filled with even stranger patrons.

Kit has never doubted his place in the world, at least not since the moment he walked into The Keep. He belongs with his Master. Sorinu helps keep him centered. He understands all of Kit’s quirks and loves him for them. Kit just wishes that he could be enough to keep Sorinu satisfied. But sometimes love isn’t enough.

Sorinu is hungry. As an incubus, he’s been able to survive on the energies released from his sanctuary, the paranormal, BDSM club called The Keep. Plus, he has one of his mates standing beside him, his sweet Kit. But he’s still hungry, slowly starving. Without his other mate, Sorinu’s appetite will never be sated.

Within the walls of The Keep, these three men might find more than lust. In the end, maybe love will be a feast to assuage every craving.


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